Individual Counseling: Adolescents – Adults

Fees – $100 per 50-minute session
You can work one on one with Dr. Angie Kelly, to help resolve issues that are impeding your happiness and sense of well- being.  She will guide you through uncovering thoughts and feelings that adversely influence your behavior. Angie’s goal is to empower and equip you with the insight and tools needed to make healthy changes so you can live life the way you want.
Angie uses a type of cognitive behavioral therapy, Reality Therapy, with an integrative approach, taking all aspects of a person’s life into account to identify issues and areas of concern. Angie uses personality assessments, the MBTI, and the Big 5 to help clients understand themselves and other people better to facilitate more harmonious relationships. Choice Theory and effective communication strategies are taught to empower clients in managing their lives effectively to find everyday happiness.

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